The Characteristics of Men’s Linen Belts

The flax fiber and nonwoven composite data: through the vacuum helping the resin release to manufacture, that can make the flax fiber and nonwoven and the unsaturated data, because linen price, density are smaller than the inorganic fibers, while the modulus of elasticity,the tensile strength are similar to the inorganic.

Men’s Linen Belts

 In the composite materials, it can replace the glass fiber as a reinforcing material, the flax fiber can be compared with glass fiber and carbon fiber, the fiber is tender, through the proper degumming, choose the reasonable carding process, use the acupuncture processing methods can produce quantitative nonwoven fabric reinforced fiber mat with appropriate bulkiness, the damage is small, and the thickening effect is good. As a reinforcing material, it has a short production process, does not need weaving, and has a low processing cost, which is good for saving energy, and environmental protection.

The linen fabrics is good, but it needs a mature and strong enterprise to bring this culture to the all the consumers, to allow the consumers to experience the double enjoyments provided by the line for their mind and body.

The development history of men’s hats

The history of brim bonnet can trace back to the 1850. A farmer called William Coke went to the shop to customize a bowler hat to protect his head from the branches’ damage. The hat was cheaper than the common hat, so it was loved by many people. In 1989, a French actress called Sarah Bernhardt in Fedora became the first woman to wear the brim bonnet, since then, it became popular among women.

However, the men’s hat didn’t popularize any more in 1960s. The former president of Headwear Association Rongione said that men weren’t fond of wearing this kind of hats any longer since the Second World War.

Today after 40 years, the men designers began to create retro appearance of playboy. On the announcement meeting in 2005, Giorgio Armani and Prada let the models wear the brim bonnet to show. A year later, Dior Homme and Yohji Yamamoto showed the brim bonnet on T platform.

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Till 20 century, some stars such as GaryCooper worn fedora, which made this hat popular till 1940s and 1950s.

How to Match and Select Belts

Belt can decorate and change the proportion and style, a right belt can give you an unexpected harvest. You should pay attention to its color, width, buckle shape when you want to match it.

1. If you do not want to pursue alternative style, the belt color is often generally followed with shoes and pants color; when the coat color is in contrast to the lower body color: for the long-waist people, their belt color should be followed with lower body clothing to elongate the legs sype, and vice vera;

2. The suit and business wear mainly match plate buckle belt and automatic buckle belt, and select the true leather. The pin buckle belt is suitable for casual pants and jeans, while the plate buckle is not suitable, the material should select canvas.

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3. The belt should not be tied too tight, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and cause a dent, so you should pay attention to the length when you are buying it, the too long belt can be cut short,  if the holes are not enough, you can punch some, you must should not to buy the too short men’s belt, this length will be OK that it can be tied at the second hole (start from the pants button).

4. The wide-type belt is suitable for slender people or long-waist people, the narrow belt is a very good choice for the short and small people;tie the wide belt on the high waist can highlight the women’s breasts, effectively cover the fat.

Men’s winter clothing collocation tricks to be fashionable men

When negotiating, detail decides success or failure; Men’s clothing collocation, details see the grade! Men should be generous, but don’t dismiss any small detail for it will allow you to earn respect and also can let you fail!

Cuff links

men's cufflinks- fashion collocation

1, as an important accessory for men, cuff link is the symbol of high grade, only real connotated men know how to so with it.

2, the choice of cuff link’s color is critical, in general, crystal cuff link should be matched with white dress shirt because of its transparency and strong sense of quality; And red dress shirt  match with gold cuff links, a luxuriant and fashionable feeling; Black, white, or gray shirts collocated with silver cuff links, creates a composed and noble effect.

3, cuff links do not belong to the mass consumer goods, which are only available at some upscaled brands.


men's watch-fashion collocation

1, what watch means for a men is just like what jewelry means for a woman. Watch is more than a timing tool. It is a symbol of fashion and popularity. Looking at the different styles of watches on the market, men can enjoy the glory and happiness brought by watch.

2, a watch can reflect a person’s potential character. Say, a man hide his watch in the sleeves, he may be a gentleman, very elegant; If the sports watch is displayed outside, people may think of his surfing.

The belt

men's belt-fashion collocation

1, don’t deliberately have a decorative belt, it would seem to be womanish.

2, be sure to buy a high-quality leather belt for fear of attending formal occasions.

3, often check your belt to replace the broken in advance and avoid embarrassment.

4, when you are very full, don’t loos your belt in public, because it is impolite or indecent. The best way is to buy a woven belt with elastics.

Leather shoes

men's Leather shoes-fashion collocation

1, the shoes can most show a man’s dress sense. Experienced women tend to look at the man’s shoes first.

2, consistent styles. straightforward style of shoes don’t match with the thin material leg pants. Young people like mess collocation,, such as leisure suit + T-shirt + shoes, hats, which can be very good-looking, but with sports shoes, you are wrong.

3, color coordination. Such as, black pants cannot match the brown shoes. Brown shoes can be matched with pants in such colors as beige, brown, khaki, white, etc., but you should not wear with dark blue or black pants; as for light color leather shoes, only the write ones can match with brunet pants.

4, the last and most important, every time before going out, polish your shoes!

The classic zipper and collar design are traditionally classic while the lively cap slightly lessen too car-scrapping temperament while increasing the fashionable breath and naughtiness. Joker jeans, of course, are the right ones, but what else can be more suitable?

Fashionable clothing collocation for men breaking the previous boring outfit

When going through wardrobe in winter, you may always be at a loss in the choice of warm and style. But as for winter wear style, there are three tips to increase fashionable index immediately, both on the function and appearance.

Try to wear bright clothing

Winter clothing colors give priority to conservative choice of dark, blue or ash. If you want to break the boring style, why not try bright colors to farewell to winter’s stereotypes. In dismal season, bold choose of relatively bright color often can immediately outstand you in the crowd and give you a good mood, healthy and energetic.

Dress have administrative levels feeling

Winter coldness creates a good opportunity to make administrative levels. Winter dress fluctuates in administrative levels can not only diversify on the vision, but break the depressing feeling brought by single dress. Besides, it also can add some clever idea to modeling.

Coat first

clothing collocation for men

The most important thing for modeling in winter is a catchy coat.

This stylish middle-long coat has an agile feeling,warm at the same time also reflecting the unique taste and fashion of tentacles.

The uniform wind Parka coat is practical, at the same time, and a little naughty, giving people immediately a feeling of leisurely and comfortable city street.

How do men scarf and clothes match?

The scarf and dress collocation basically has 3 ways:

1. The same color set off: people who love to wear red clothes can’t go with a green color scarf, but with a amber yellow scarf is more matching; Also, Brown clothes should match the color of camel’s hair mass-tone scarf; And the black dress with the grey scarf is perfect; If it is white clothes, choose white scarf can show elegant gentleman style.

2. Adjacent color set off: red clothes with orange or orange color scarf, green clothes with yellow tone or purplish blue color scarf, yellow color clothes with orange color scarf.

3. Contrast color set off: milk white, this white clothes with pure red scarf, shallow gray dress with dark red or golden yellow scarf, can appear thunder-and-lightning, gorgeous, and navy blue clothes matching orange scarf, and particularly eye-catching.

In addition, when we are choosing a scarf, we need to pay attention to our skin color and scarf’s color to match well. Generally speaking, the black skin person would better choose light color scarf, and neutral color is partial deeply good, the skin is white people should choose a downy and tonal scarf.

Popular men’s scarf of this season

The fall and winter, unlike previous season, the length is exaggerated, men’s scarf emphasis more on practicality and collocation, which makes men have more choices. The color is stable, neutral tones are still the mainstream style. In addition, adding some color changes will be better; it can make the overall shape more prominent.

Moreover, many brands are making a fuss on scarf. In addition to color stitching changes, the use of knitwear changeable weave design also can be in a plain scarf, expressing the rich fashion expression, and warm light pure wool or top cashmere material make the scarf become necessary outfit, it is one of indispensable essential parts of autumn and winter of this year.

Forever classic wool cashmere scarves: material, and feel good. It can be straight down, elegant and handsome, fit match suit, it can also be folded after loosely rolled over, or simply tie a knot, with casual jacket or hunting jacket.

Women’s fashion collocation for 2013 winter

fashion collocation for 2013 winter
1, now it is coldest period in winter, haven’t prepared warm down coat for yourself? The bright color down jacket will make you become a beautiful scenery in winter. Tightened waist design ensures a slim effect of upper body while middle-long styles keep warm and are easy to match. Leisure trousers or boots are good matches.

2, the middle-long wool coat, three-dimensional contour cutting, loose and easy and variable. The color of camel’s hair, is a classic color of cloth coat. The appropriate version is decent and right to show elegant aesthetic feeling, warm and fashionable.

3, the combination of black and apricot is decent and the use of belt highlights female’s figure. Golden point inclined zipper design makes slime style more charming, sending out women’s strength and toughness from inside to outside. You can match a variety of styles, making you like a magician who ca always give people surprise and is always eager to ascertain.

4, dark blue in winter is very sought-after; Round collar is convenient to have scarf or other accessories in winter; Mohair cardigan beatles boast senior fashion yarns elements and type A design.

5, blossom like mud in the delicate and charming flowers, elegant lace v-neck design collocated with laces is exquisite and pleasant. And lower black material, plus girth and sexy design, presents a slim visual effect and improve the quality of the clothing.

6, mulberry silk material is soft and noble. The girth ablaze element has a smart transition form orange to black. Deli cation and elegance are Yin Er interpretation of fashion and luxury, charming but supercilious.



Winter dress collocation for young girls more pink colors sweeten the cold season


Young girls love pink winter dress collocation. Indeed, a lot of girls have pink complex. Girls who like pink might as well let 2013 winter clothing collocation more sweeter by choosing a pink winter fashion clothing or a pink small accessory, which can be very good ornament and foil effect.

Bow and pink are favored by many girls, so these two kinds of design elements have also been widely used in the dress collocation. In autumn and winter of 2013, many girls again choose pink sheets to make this season sweeter. Black printing fleece with tall waist design outlines a perfect shape. The pink will be more delicate and charming in a large area of black.

woman winter dress

Woolen cloth coats are often seen in autumn and winter. Designers’ application of pink colors make them more popular with young girls. An apricot knitting wool dress shows the slender legs, and when matched with a pink woolen cloth coat, the colors are very harmonious, giving people a kind of warm feeling. Black leather boots have a handsome and beautiful feeling.

By contrast, this woolen cloth coat is in nude color and can make people warm in the cold season. Yellow and white stitching tie-in dress has bright and eye-catching effect. Big coat collar design all shows handsome and fashionable feeling while integral collocation is elegant and generous.

Sweater is women’s preference and is easy to match. Choose a simple dress with black striped skirt because the design of vertical lines can elongate your height with rich effect on the whole. In black and white collocation, choose a pink knitting cardigan to foil as a whole can make integral collocation more feminine flavors.


Most cool style with mix coat when go to shopping

You may feel confuse cause the different temperature between day and night in fall,do not worry about the  choose for wear  but to dress a coat is the best let us follow these fashion Icon.

white T-shirt


A lazy feeling white T-shirt, tie-in and bleaching and dyeing cowboy hot pants, outside take military wind coat, optional will sleeves rolled up and put on a baseball cap, change to the individual character of handsome girl.One color paillette stripe T-shirt with jeans, outside take white fur, deserve to choose and blue photograph echo of brilliant color, have the effect that make the finishing point.

Jean coat

The bright red does a lot of good luck, but in wearing red on must pay attention to collocation, red coat collocation bare color T-shirt, lower body is a blue and red printing Legging, integral collocation very harmonious.Black base, with a black and white printing high waist trousers perfect figure scale, at the same time the blue coat small coat added a few minutes of fashionable breath.